An English MA by co-op?

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Did you know that at University of Waterloo, you can complete your Masters in English Literature, Rhetoric and Communication Design, or Experimental Digital Media through co-op? Our employers have ranged from Cineplex Entertainment and TD Bank to the Waterloo Region Museum and the Stratford Festival.

How co-op works
The expected distribution of work/study is 2 academic semesters, 2 work semesters, and the final 1 academic semester.

What co-op offers

  • the ability to gain real-world experience while earning money to pay for university
  • a change of pace, with alternating work and study terms
  • the chance to network with potential employers
  • the opportunity to develop a resume to attract future employers

Our support for you
In addition to support with the employment process through the University of Waterloo’s centre for Co-operative Education and Career Action, we also offer a Professional Development course (PD 601). Topics include:

  • Co-op Survival Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Employer/Student Perspectives
  • Interview Skills and Techniques
  • Job Search Strategies

Recent co-op positions 
Communications Coordinator
Computing Assistant
Correspondence Writer
Cost and Planning Analyst
Editorial Assistant
English Tutor
Fundraising Intern
Information Analyst
Marketing Director
Policy and Communications Intern
Research Assistant
Software Developer
Technical Writer
Web Developer

What some of our MA co-op students say
Natalee Blagden
Lauren Rabindranath
Marie-Agnès Pilon

You can watch a video or consult our website to learn more. Specific questions can be directed to our graduate secretary, Mélanie Lafrance. Examples of current graduate course offerings are available online.





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