Science Communication Faculty Roundtable

If you happen to be on campus this morning, and looking for a fun and fabulous way to fill a few hours, the Science Communication Faculty Roundtable is taking place from 10:00am – noon over in Physics 235. Coffee, tea, juice, fizzy beverages, and a smattering of delicious treats (for both the health-fully inclined and those with a sweet tooth) will be provided, and doors open at 9:30am for an informal meet-and-greet reception.

Come on out and join us for a discussion with Faculty of Science instructors about the ins and outs, the joys and delights, the trials and tribulations, of communication in the science classroom and profession!

Organizers: Dr. Heather Love and Dr. George Lamont

Poster information: Dr Eugenia Cheng, a senior lecturer of Pure Mathematics at Sheffield University


Quilt of Stories

You may recall that UWaterloo English’s Dr. Lamees Al Ethari and Carrie Snyder, in conjunction with writer Tasneem Jamal, facilitated the X Page Workshop, a project in which immigrant and refugee women from the Waterloo region wrote stories based on their life experiences, and performed them. Now you can read their stories online, courtesy of The New Quarterly.

The Shakespearean Theatre Conference

As if any more evidence was required that we have active and engaged scholars of Shakespeare at UWaterloo: Dr. Ken Graham and Dr. Alysia Kolentsis have been busy organizing the third Shakespearean Theatre Conference to be held June 19-22, 2019, in Stratford, Ontario. The conference offers an opportunity to think broadly and creatively about the past, present, and future of Tudor-Stuart drama, and this year places special emphasis on our broad theme of “Festival and Festivity.” How do we understand and perform festive, antic, celebratory, or bacchanal elements in the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries? How did these plays draw on and contribute to early modern festive cultures, and how have historical changes to such cultures shifted the meaning of theatrical revelry? To what extent is the festive limited or invigorated by genre and convention? In what ways do cultural and theatrical festivals, including dedicated Shakespeare festivals and Shakespearean playhouses, influence and shape contemporary Shakespearean performance? What do the histories of these festivals have to tell us about changing responses to early modern drama, and what new directions seem promising?

The conference is a joint venture of the University of Waterloo and the Stratford Festival, and will bring together scholars and practitioners to talk about how performance influences scholarship and vice versa. It is the successor to the Elizabethan Theatre Conference, which the University of Waterloo hosted 17 times between 1968 and 2005. Paper sessions will be held at the University of Waterloo’s Stratford campus, with plays and special events hosted by the Stratford Festival.
For more information, visit the event website.

They did it! Class of 2019!

I am so thrilled to share this list of our 2019 UWaterloo English Bachelor of Arts students–now alumni! You may have seen Danielle Bisnar Griffin’s and Adrienne Bruno’s names on the blog, but there are so many more wonderful students who deserve to be celebrated. From Alicia Latimer, who wrote a fantastic Major Research Paper on contemporary fiction, to Esraa Chleilat, one of the most prepared students I have encountered, to Priya Kaur Gill, whose thoughtful contributions to the classroom were always welcome, to Laine Pitters, who wrote a sophisticated essay I still remember three years later, to Agata Natalia Nowak whose contributions in online courses enriched the conversations beyond all imagining, to Anneke Lynn Sears-Stryker and Sam Mills, who took on big topics without hesitation…. These are just a few of the people who crossed the stage this year. Congratulations to all of our graduates!

Susana Alejandra Alfaro Argumedo
Humbert John Paolo Arroyo
Amanda Baker
Maliyah Shanelle Bernard
Meghan Alexandria Bradley
Adrienne Yolande Caterina Bruno
Laura Melina Burjoski
Taylor Mary-Lynn Canning
Alexandra Carruthers
Bernice Hiu-Nam Chan
Esraa Chleilat
Kirk Ciolfi
Oriana Ida Marie Confente
Aaron Spencer Cornies
Christine Cote
Monique Huy Dang
Mihan Hasan Davar
Vasile Cosmin Dzsurdzsa
Ariel Alexandra Quehl Fullerton
Emily Frances Gain
Priya Kaur Gill
Danielle Bisnar Griffin
Aldijana Halilagic
Rachel Isabelle Hammermueller
Tausha Nicole Hanna
Galen Naidoo Harris
Alysha Marree Hills
Daniel Geoffrey Jewson
Michelle Sze Yan Lam
Alicia Maxine Latimer
Kianna Nicole Malleck
Ayesha Masood
Christine Marie Masterman
Eden Arlene McFarlane
Samantha Grace Mills
Maya Mousa
Amy Ngo
Agata Natalia Nowak
Larissa Dos Santos Oliveira
Paulina Marlena Pietrzyk
Laine Lawrence Pitters
Danielle Lynn Poirier
Ashton Prior
Nadine Victoria Proctor
Neha Krishna Ravella
Emily Grace Schmidt
Anneke Lynn Sears-Stryker
Daniel Shamess
Amy Sigvaldason
Matthew Dunn Skidmore
Kate Stericker
Arthur John Tinholt
Sarah Louise Welton
Ruoxuan Xu

Celebrating our newest MA grads

Screenshot 2019-06-13 07.28.41

Our Masters of Arts graduates at Spring convocation came from every stream of the program, doing everything from co-op to coursework to major research papers. Each of them is equally deserving of their degree. Congratulations to all!

Emily Acton (RCD Coop – coursework)

Alexandra Barnard (XDM – coursework)

Cherise Carlaw (RCD Coop – coursework)

Suzanne Heeg (RCD Coop – coursework)

John Connor Kelly (RCD Coop – coursework)

Andrew Myles (XDM Coop – MRP): “A Program for Posthuman Fitness,” supervisor Dr. Marcel O’Gorman

Jesse Russell (LIT – Coursework)

Katherine Tu (RCD – MRP): “Collocation of Rhetorical Figures in Prototypical Rhetorical Figure Examples,” supervisor Dr. Randy Harris

Alex Zima (RCD – MRP): “The Toxic Sophists of Antiquity: an Analysis of the Rhetoric of Trolling and Trolls,” supervisor Dr. Beth Coleman

Congratulations to our six new PhDs!

Spring convocation this year involved the robing of a number of highly accomplished new PhDs from UWaterloo English! All of them have appeared on the blog in the past year, as we’ve celebrated their successful defenses–but never before in a single photo.

Lacey Beer
Tongues Tide: Translingual Directions for Technologically-Mediated Composing Platforms (Supervisor: Frances Condon)

Clare Bermingham (University Finalist for the Governor General’s Gold Medal)
Feeling Queer Together: Identity, Community, and the Work of Affect in the Pre-Stonewall Lesbian Magazine, The Ladder (Supervisor: Victoria Lamont)

Morteza Dehghani
“In Works of Hands or of the Wits of Men”: The Elegies of Wim Wenders, Laurie Anderson and Alexander Sokurov (Co-supervisors: Kevin McGuirk & Alice Kuzniar)

Amna Haider
A Transmogrifying Discourse of Sexual Violence: Resisting, Redressing, and Re-writing Racial Scripts in Contemporary African American Women’s Theatre (Co-supervisors: Frances Condon & Vershawn Young)

Philip Miletic
Only Connect: The Virtual Communities of Gertrude Stein and David Foster Wallace (Supervisor: Aimée Morrison)

Dhruba Neupane
Plurality, promises and practice: A case of Nepali immigrants’ transliterating and translanguaging in Canada (Supervisor: Jay Dolmage)

Art Meets Tech with Dr. Lai-Tze Fan

event announcement
On June 20th English’s Dr. Lai-Tze Fan will be one of the presenters at Art meets Tech, an event held in conjunction with the City of Kitchener and the True North festival. English alumni Megan Honsberger and Miraya Groot will also be presenting. The event is at 44 Gaukel Street, 6-9pm.