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First apologies to subscribers who thought they already got this post. Here it is in its entirety.

What do English professors do in the research part of their academic lives? Many, many things, and over the next few posts I’m going to profile some of my colleagues’ research projects.

Professor Marcel O’Gorman’s work crosses the borders of art/theory/rhetoric/digital media. Some of you will know him as the founder and Director of the Critical Media Lab and/or as a much-admired professor who teaches a variety of courses in the English department. But he’s also an artist, and one of his recent creations is on tour.

O’Gorman won the Gamble Award to finance his exploration of the “myth” surrounding famed Canadian painter Tom Thomson and his death on Canoe Lake. He made a 16 foot “ghost canoe” that “revisits the myth of Tom Thomson through the lens of this canoe-man cyborg, producing an electronic sculptural object that is at once tactile and ethereal; an evocative object that technologically refashions the themes of solitude, mystery, and sublimity found both in Thomson’s painting and in cyberculture.”

After months of residence at THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener, the ghost canoe travelled to the Tom Thomson Gallery in Owen Sound and is now on display at the Rails End Gallery in Haliburton, Ontario. Read a review of the exhibition published in The Haliburton Echo.

Driving the canoe in a U-Haul from Owen Sound to Haliburton, Pouya at the wheel.

Gallery curator Laurie Jones interacting with the cyber canoe.

O'Gorman cutting thousands of strands of fishing line.

Revisit the making of the ghost canoe by reading Dr. O’Gorman’s project blog, Myth of the Steersman. (Remember you have to scroll through the archives if you want to read from first to most recent post.)

I LOVE the idea of the canoe being portaged around and eventually re-dipped in Canoe Lake. What do you think? Did you know that English professors do such uber-cool things in their research time?