Hagey Hall Construction, in progress

It’s an overcast winter day, and my office mates on the inner corridors of Hagey Hall still don’t have sufficient light, due to the ongoing construction. There is some talk of buying sun lamps for the amazing departmental secretaries, and at a recent meeting a resolution was passed to try and “bring joy” to their lives. I’m not sure leftover holiday candy counts.

IMG_5816[1]An email circulated in December, informing us the hoarding on the windows would soon be coming down, and we were not to take photos from inside our offices while this was happening. As of yet, this has not happened. Also, no word yet on the fate of the iconic pickle fork statues.


There is a payoff, of course, in the form of a glorious new addition. Students who currently slump on the hard wooden benches between classes will relish the improved options for sunlight, seating, and sociability. As a reminder, you can see what the new addition will look like by clicking here.



One response to “Hagey Hall Construction, in progress

  1. I believe the motion we passed about the Administrative staff was to “relieve the gloom;” I like your version better.

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