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The last final exams are being written this week; final essays are either being handed in or handed back. It is the last week of the term. And the final days of 2011.

Are you going away over Christmas? I am. Just for a couple of days to a resort up north for some relaxing downtime with my partner. Actually that will be before Christmas, but the interlude between party season and Christmas itself is much appreciated.

How many parties/lunches/drinks/get togethers did you go to? I went to NINE. Lots of good cheer, but I am almost all talked out.

Did you attend a department/work Christmas party? I did, and so did many others in the English department. You can read Professor Aimee Morrison’s account of it here. It was a blast. Truly.

Are you looking forward to the holidays? I am. It’s the time of year when we professors do a mental clear out of this term’s teaching and switch gears for next term’s courses. We’re preparing syllabi and checking book stocks and visiting our new classrooms. We file one lot of lectures/handouts/assignments (or, more likely, move the pile from one space to another in our offices). We re-shelve the books taught and make space for the next lot that we are about to teach. Oh, and we’ll have a new online course management system as well.

So, gentle readers: I’m going away for a few days and at the end of this week the university will close until January 3rd. I’ll be taking a break from blog writing but will return in January all rested and revved up. Thank you for following me/us on this new venture these many months, and I look forward to ‘talking’ to you soon.

Meanwhile I wish you all a very Happy Holidays — however you celebrate the season. ┬áMe, I love a Bing Crosby song. Here’s to you!