Turkey Demolishes Hagey Hall

turkey 2
I cannot make this stuff up: on the heels of the goose nicknamed the “Spawn of Satan” which has been terrorizing Hagey Hall, the turkey who was determined to gain entry last week has finally achieved his goal, smashing through a third-floor window. I can honestly say I never thought I would be referencing WKRP on the UWaterloo English Department blog, but it turns out turkeys really can fly.
turkey 1No one in Philosophy was harmed; the turkey is now with the Humane Society.


9 responses to “Turkey Demolishes Hagey Hall

  1. Unbelievable! (Also, love the WKRP reference.)

  2. Geese and Turkeys. Two different types of birds, right? Which one smashed through the window?

    • The turkey. The goose received national coverage last week, hence the phrase “on the heels.” The previous post addresses the goose, but features a photo of the turkey, for reasons explained within.

  3. I want to know if there is any truth to the rumour that the turkey went through the window in its desperation to escape the Hagey Hall courtyard because the geese were refusing to let it past them.

  4. I truly hope that beautiful turkey is being treated nicely by the “Humane Society”, and that it gets a home it deserves, i.e. deprived of terrifying blocks of concrete. The only reason the turkey acted the way it did was because it got lost in an unnatural environment. I actually tend to think of the turkey’s gallant intervention as the animals’ revolt against the ugliness of the modern world! 😉

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