New faculty book: Get Away From Me

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Congratulations to Dr. Tristanne Connolly, professor of English at St. Jerome’s at UWaterloo on the publication of her co-edited volume Canadian Music and American Culture: Get Away From Me. Contributors include several UWaterloo English faculty: Dr. Veronica Austen (on Jann Arden), Dr. Mark Spielmacher (on Max Webster) and Dr. Connolly herself (on Rush).

From the press:

This collection explores Canadian music’s commentaries on American culture. ‘American Woman, get away from me!’ – one of the most resonant musical statements to come out of Canada – is a cry of love and hate for its neighbour. Canada’s close, inescapable entanglement with the superpower to the south provides a unique yet representative case study of the benefits and detriments of the global American culture machine. Literature scholars apply textual and cultural analysis to a selection of Anglo-Canadian music – from Joni Mitchell to Peaches, via such artists as Neil Young, Rush, and the Tragically Hip – to explore the generic borrowings and social criticism, the desires and failures of Canada’s musical relationship with the USA.


One response to “New faculty book: Get Away From Me

  1. Congratulations Dr.s Connolly, Austen and Spielmacher!

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