On Institutional Survivorship

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The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, nested in the University of Waterloo English Department, edited by English’s Dr. Jay Dolamge, announces a new issue, “Institutional Survivorship.” It is, as always, available for free online.

Institutional Survivorship Editorial Introduction
Jen Rinaldi, Kate Rossiter, Liza Kim Jackson

Oral Histories
Trauma From the Past
Carrie Ford, Kate Rossiter

That’s My Story and I’m Sticking To It
Cindy Scott, Jen Rinaldi

Self-Advocacy from the Ashes of the Institution
Sue Hutton, Peter Park, Martin Levine, Shay Johnson, Kosha Bramesfeld

Failure to Comply: Madness and/as Testimony
Clementine Morrigan

Unheard Voices: Sisters Share about Institutionalization
Madeline Burghardt, Victoria Freeman, Marilyn Dolmage, Colleen Orick

Institutional Survivorship: Abandonment and the “Machinery of the Establishment”
Madeline Burghardt

Writing Institutionalization and Disability in the Canadian Culture Industry: (Re)producing (Absent) Story
Chelsea Temple Jones

Escaping “The Organism, Signifiance, and Subjectification” in the Recounting Huronia Project
David Fancy

Creative Works
apology, under erasure
nancy viva davis halifax

Soundfull: A Wall Speaks, A Door Shakes, A Floor Trembles
Marla Hlady, Christof Migone

CDJS thanks Assistant Editor and Social Media Editor Sarah Gibbons. Thanks to accessibility partner Accessibil-IT (http://accessibilit.com) and to Geoffrey Salisi for their work creating the most accessible PDF and HTML files possible. Accompanying image from ontario.ca.


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