Four outstanding performance awards for English faculty

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Another day, another award announcement, in this case University of Waterloo’s Outstanding Performance Awards.  As Vice-President, Academic & Provost Ian Orchard wrote, “I am very pleased to announce the award recipients for 2016 and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them for their outstanding contributions to the University of Waterloo.” Of the twenty-two award winners from UWaterloo Arts, four were from English: Drs. Bruce Dadey, Jay Dolmage, Jennifer Harris and Ashley Rose Kelly Mehlenbacher. You’ll have seen Jay Dolmage on our blog recently, in conjunction with his new book–written while also serving as undergraduate chair; likewise Ashley Rose Kelly Mehlenbacher was featured this week, announcing her receipt of an award enabling scholars who are relatively new to build a research team. Bruce Dadey has done stellar work in the classroom and behind the scenes–among other things he runs our Twitter account, though the labour involved in that pales to what he has accomplished on other fronts, including our department webpage. And then that last person is me. I’m happiest about my students and my work on early Black Canadian literature this past year.

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