Autobiography & Life Writing at UWaterloo

When reading our faculty areas of expertise page, it struck me how many of our faculty research in the area of Autobiography & Life Writing. Contributions range from Dr. Aimée Morrison’s work on digital lives–selfies! Facebook!–to Dr. Linda Warley’s writings on graphic narratives and life writing, to Dr. Vinh Nguyen’s publications about refugees, photography, and memory. There’s also an interesting cluster of people considering life writing in relation to war, memory, and trauma, including Dr. Carol Acton, author of several books on the subject, and Dr. Lamees Al Ethari, who has completed a monograph on Iraqui women, memory, and the diaspora. Click on the links below to find out more about their research.


One response to “Autobiography & Life Writing at UWaterloo

  1. Fascinating books–I’ve read a number of them. There is also Dr. Acheson’s edition of the Memoir and Diary of Anne Clifford.

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