Poetry and Poetics at UWaterloo

I was reviewing our faculty areas of expertise, and started to notice some patterns. Do you know we have a significant cluster of faculty working in the area of poetry and poetics?

Dr. Veronica Austen has published on the poetry of Dionne Brand and M. NourbeSe Philip; Dr. Ken Graham’s new book on metrical psalms was recently featured on our blog; Dr. Kevin McGuirk is an expert on poet A.R. Ammons, and the author of a book on the same; Dr. John Savarese is working on a book, Romanticism’s Other Minds: The Science of Poetry from Hume to Mill; Dr. Sarah Tolmie both writes poetry and studies it; and David-Antoine Williams, the author of Defending Poetry: Art and Ethics in Joseph Brodsky, Seamus Heaney, and Geoffrey Hill, is currently researching “word history and word fantasy” in modern poetry–while also blogging about poetry, lexicography and computing at The Life of Words.

You can read more about faculty with interests in poetry and poetics by clicking on the links below:


One response to “Poetry and Poetics at UWaterloo

  1. We have the poetry experts…and the poets: Rupi Kaur, GE Clarke, Sarah Tolmie…

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