Engl 247: watch tv, read literature

Do you like television and books? English 247: American Literature and Popular Culture, taught by Dr. Victoria Lamont, is a late addition to our winter offerings, and still has space. The winter 2017 version is going to be a survey of television and literary history from the early days of the small screen to the present. The class pairs shows like Twilight Zone, The Dyck Van Dyke Show, and Madmen with literary texts like Ginsberg’s “Howl,”  Baldwin’s “Going to Meet the Man,” and Alexie’s Reservation Blues. Students will consider: how early shows navigate the pressures of the Civil Rights movement and the conservatism of big advertising; images of the black family on The Cosby Show and in Toni Morrison’s fiction; the conditions that are contributing to the current “renaissance” in television and its growing influence as a critical medium; and much more.

Engl 247 is scheduled 10:00-11:20, Tuesdays & Thursdays.


3 responses to “Engl 247: watch tv, read literature

  1. This sounds like a fascinating study. Will the course be available online?

  2. This course sounds unique to me. An intriguing concept!

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