Animal Studies and the Voice of the Other

Join us Monday, December 5th, for this free public talk by Dr. Ron Broglio of Arizona State University. In “Animal Studies and the Voice of the Other” Dr. Broglio will trace back to the 18th-century sensibility movement contemporary post-humanist ideas of animals having a voice. He will also pursue what animal studies can push against in terms of the animal “rights” movement.

Dr. Broglio’s books include: Beasts of Burden: Biopolitics, Labor and Animal Life in British Romanticism (forthcoming SUNY 2017); Surface Encounters: Thinking with Animals and Art (University of Minnesota Press 2011); and Technologies of the Picturesque: British Art, Poetry, and Instruments 1750-1830 (Bucknell 2008).

 Time: Monday, December 5, 2016, at 5:30pm
Place: J.G. Hagey Hall of the Humanities (Room 110)

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