Three Cheers for Superheroes!

The new Macleans issue ranking universities is out. It’s hard to resist leafing through it to see where we place, and who might have been mentioned. UWaterloo is holding steady in its ranking, though true to form sciences and engineering get more attention than Arts. (Co-op does get a nod of course–it seems redundant to note we have co-op in English, though I’ll do it anyways.) But wait… scroll down. There we are! Of the two offerings included under the heading “Cool Courses,” we take first place with English 108A, The Superhero.

Of course, there are any number of English courses they could have chosen from. Do you know about 108D: Digital Lives? According to the calendar, it is “An examination of how digital communication technologies create and promote online identities and social spaces, as well as interpersonal and communal interactions.” Then there’s English 208G: Gothic Monsters, “A study of monstrosity, fear, terror, and horror in the gothic mode from its origins to the present, with attention to the ways various genres (from the novel to new media) represent gothic sexualities, genders, politics, and aesthetics.” 208H covers Arthurian Legend,  218 is Mennonite Literature, and 309G is the Discourse of Dissent, “A study of the social, historical, and rhetorical dimensions of collective action. Topics may include health and welfare movements, civil rights and anti-war protests, and environmentalism.” English 325 is “A study of selected novels by Jane Austen, including Pride and Prejudice and Emma. Her letters and juvenilia may also be considered, as well as some of the films based on or inspired by her novels.” If you haven’t reviewed our course offerings recently, you might be surprised by the variety and breadth of offerings.

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