Need a Medieval to Romantic credit?

Are you looking for a winter course? Do you need to fill the “Literatures Medieval to Romantic” requirement of the English Department’s “Literature” and “Literature and Rhetoric” degrees? Have you taken a class before with Dr. Kenneth Graham and can’t wait to repeat the experience? Do you like Shakespeare’s sonnets or John Donne’s lyrics? If you answered yes to any of the above, you might be interested to know about English 330A: Sixteenth-Century Literature 1, where you will survey English poetry from Thomas Wyatt to Donne, focussing on the Petrarchan influence on love poetry and the development of political and philosophical verse. Here’s your chance to discover such writers as George Gascoigne, Isabella Whitney, Fulke Greville, and Mary Sidney Herbert.


One response to “Need a Medieval to Romantic credit?

  1. Should be an excellent course! I wish Dr. Graham’s book about the English Renaissance “plain style,” The Performance of Conviction, was still in print.

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