5 Odd Questions: English 208M

Feeling adventurous? Wishing you could plan a trip but committed to school instead? Flirted with becoming an armchair traveller? If so, English 208M: Travel Literature, taught by Dr. Veronica Austen, wants you! Travel vicariously to Antigua, Grenada, South Africa… and Saskatoon. Read works by award winning authors including Will Ferguson, Dionne Brand, and John Steinbeck. Bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, both–or maybe your dog? If those aren’t good enough reasons, considerĀ Dr. Austen’s answers to the following odd questions posed to her about the course readings.

1. Strangest destination?
Does Sudbury’s Big Nickel count as “strange”?

2. Best travelling accessory?
Charley the “mind-reading dog,” of course! . . . although mamool cookies would be a very close second (food of any description is always near the top of the list, no?!).

3. Most disastrous travel experience?

Well, it’s a toss up between being in Grenada during a coup (Map to the Door of No Return) and arriving in New Orleans in the early days of desegregation and witnessing the rampant and heartrending racism (Travels with Charley). I’m pretty sure these two disasters mean I can’t complain about a delayed flight or two.

4. Oddest mode of transportation?
The lines in a grandmother’s face. A disregarded letter in a motel room. It’s a literature course; I get to answer metaphorically, right? (-:

5. Most unusual person encountered?
Ooo, there are so many. But I’ll pick the two guys bicycling from Newfoundland to Vancouver for a case of beer.

English 208M is offered Fall 2016, MW 2:30-3:50 (SJ2 2001, a.k.a. in the brand new building at St. Jerome’s)


One response to “5 Odd Questions: English 208M

  1. Sounds like an adventurous course! Perhaps Dr. Austen will work in her research in visual arts to add another dimension to the literary voyaging?

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