Congratulations to our latest MA Grads!

We have three MA degrees in our English department–Literary Studies (LIT), Rhetoric and Communication Design (RCD), and Experimental Digital Media (XDM)–and last week we graduated students in ALL of them! So who did what? Who wrote about diseases in Hamlet? Who partnered with Systems Engineering? Who wrote about a travel guide for African American roadtrippers during the age of segregation? What else did they do?! Read on to find out more, and please join me in congratulating our newest MA alumni.–WIP

MA by Major Research Paper or Thesis
Thien Bui Thai (XDM, Co-op), “MyBerlin: An Exploration of Berlin using Mobile Technologies”
Greg Campbell (RCD), “The Negro Motorist Travel Guide: Navigating Jim Crow Then and Now”
Paisley Cozzarin (XDM), “Monstrous Bodies: Frankenfish and the Abnormal Body”
Alexandra Fournier (LIT), ” ‘My Name is Lizzie Bennet’: Successfully Adapting Jane Austen’s `Pride and Prejudice’ (1813) for the Twenty-First Century With `The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ (2012-2013)”
Christopher Giannakopoulos (LIT), “Resisting Mimesis: Poetry as Riddle in the poetry and poetics of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Seamus Heaney, and Paul Muldoon”
Zahra Jafari (RCD), “Metaphorized Diseases: A Study of Disease Metaphors in Shakespeare’s Hamlet”
Cayley MacArthur (RCD and Systems Engineering Co-op), “The Effects of Ambiguity: A Feminist Study of Human Signifiers in Human-Computer Interaction”
Giancarlo Mancuso (XDM), “The Case for the Theoretical Application of the Pattern in the Digital Humanities”
Robert Parker, “Creating Critical Messes: Videogame Scholarship Beyond the Core ”
Sophia Pelka (XDM), “Groteskkammer/kabinett: A Grotesque Stroll through Dark Media”
Alana Rigby (RCD, Co-op), “Digital Darwin: Editing The Loves of the Plants as a Case Study of the Theory and Practice of Digital Editions”

MA by course work
Jehan Abyad (LIT)
Natalee Blagden (RCD, Co-op)
Holly-Anne Ellander (LIT, Co-op)
Meredith Fischer (RCD)
Anne Galang (XDM)
Rhasha Ghanem (LIT)
Airlie Heung (LIT)
Kaitlyn Holbein (RCD, Co-op)
Andreaa Irimies (LIT)
Michelle Irvine (RCD)
Chitra Karki (RCD)
Zahra Pazokizadeh (RCD)

One response to “Congratulations to our latest MA Grads!

  1. Alexandra Fournier

    Hey! I just graduated with my MA in Literary Studies with a Thesis. Could I be added to this list, please?

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