Congratulations to our newest PhDs

This week English at UWaterloo graduated five–yes FIVE–PhDs. Sitting on the stage looking out at the students convocating, it seemed half of the front row was taken up by our PhD graduates (and yes, finishing a PhD does get you front row seating at Arts convocation). Congratulations to all of our newest PhD alumni; their names and dissertation titles are below.

Dr. Kent Aardse
Dissertation: Sympathetic Imagination: Posthumanist Thought in Electronic Literature and Games
Supervisor: Dr. Beth Coleman

Dr. Stephen Fernandez
Dissertation: Critical Techno-dramaturgy:  Mobilizing Embodied Perception in Intermedial Performance
Supervisor: Dr. Marcel O’Gorman

Dr. Michael Hancock
Dissertation: Games with Words: Textual Representation in the Wake of Graphical Realism in Videogames
Supervisor: Dr. Marcel O’Gorman

Dr. Jesse Hutchinson
Dissertation: Private People in Public Places: Contemporary Canadian Mennonite Life Writing
Supervisor: Dr. Linda Warley

Dr. Stephen Wilcox
Dissertation: Uncommon Places: The Multimodal Art of Embodied Invention
Supervisor: Dr. Aimée Morrison

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