Dr. Warley’s New Book: Graphic Narratives

You’ve probably encountered graphic novels in the book store; maybe you’ve read a few; it could be that you’re a huge fan. Here’s your chance to learn more, thanks to English’s Dr. Linda Warley, who co-edited the just-released book Canadian Graphic: Picturing Life Narratives (with Candida Rifkind, WLU Press). Better yet, three graduates of our English PhD program have chapters. Kevin Ziegler’s “Public Dialogues: Intimacy and Judgment in Canadian Confessional Comics” opens the collection; Kathleen Venema contributed “Untangling the Graphic Power of Tangles: A Story about Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me“; and Andrew Deman is the author of “‘Oh Well’: My New York Diary, Autographics, and the Depiction of Female Sexuality in Comics.”

Julie Rak writes that the collection is:

“An essential resource for anyone interested in Canadian comics, life writing, and political issues. Beautifully produced with a useful introduction and fascinating essays about major and emerging cartoonists in Canada and Quebec, Canadian Graphic puts the study of Canadian autobiographical and biographical comics on the academic map and shows us ways to think about one of the most exciting developments in Canadian cultural expression today.”

For more information, see the press’s website.


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