Jamming with the Games Institute

This June (3rd, 4th, and 5th) The Games Institute–founded and headed by English’s own Neil Randall— UW Game Development Club, and Waterloo chapter of the International Game Developer’s Association (UW IGDA) are hosting a Game Jam at the Quantum Nano Centre (beginning June 3rd, room 1502, 5pm).

The Game Jam — which happens every term — brings together people of all experience levels and interests to create games. The games don’t have to be digital, and there are no strict limitations on what can be worked on. Development is typically done in groups — with participants that show up alone collaborating with others that arrive without a group. However, no one is required to be part of a group if they would prefer not to be.

At the Jam, game designers and academics with various backgrounds and areas of expertise are available to answer questions and help in all aspects of creation.

On Sunday, after a day and night of creating, we playtest the games, and hold an awards ceremony celebrating the hard work everyone has put in.

*Remember that no programming or technical skills are required for participation.*

For answers to specific questions and to learn more about the Summer Game Jam, The Games Institute, and other things, see here: https://uwaterloo.ca/games-institute/uwgame-jam

To register for the upcoming Jam, go here:



We hope to see you there!


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