Gamification and English

The Spring 2016 issue of the
University of Waterloo Magazine features an article by Nancy Harper on the Games Institute, an interdisciplinary initiative of the English Department, headed by our own Dr. Neil Randall. Both Neil and Dr. Beth Coleman–also of the UW English department–are interviewed. An excerpt:

English professor Neil Randall, who heads up the Games Institute — the University’s cross-disciplinary hub of gamification research and technology — says gamification is a tremendous way to learn and engage oneself in things that can improve our daily lives.

The institute was formed recognizing that games are, by their very nature, multi-disciplinary. They must be programmed, of course, which brings engineering and computer science aspects into play. But what’s actually happening on the screen covers disciplines ranging from English, history and psychology to computer science, engineering and health sciences.

“The whole principle of gamification is that games at their core are basically examples of strong user experiences,” Randall explains. “From a digital standpoint we have nothing better than games for keeping people engaged with computer technology.”

For more, follow the link. (And if you are looking at the image of Dr. Randall above and wondering: if UWM ever offers to turn you into a cartoon, you do get to approve the image!)


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