Top Ten Words in Place Posts

Our English department blog, Words in Place, will be five years old this fall! Can you guess which posts have garnered the most traffic over that time? You would think it might be something about awards, or our co-op program, or networking events for alumni and students, but the internet is more fickle. With over twenty thousand hits between them, here are our top ten posts: eclectic, unusual, and entertaining.

10) Fifty Children’s Picture Books with Interesting Heroines

9) Students request Tolkien class; it’s already under the tree

8) One Sentence Competition 2014: Game ON!

7) Undergraduate Claire Matlock: a less conventional path

6) Introducing new faculty member Stephanie White

5) 7 Oddities of Hagey Hall

4) 10 Children’s Picture Books about Refugees

3) CBC reports: Canada Goose “Spawn of Satan” terrorizes Hagey Hall

2) Turkey Demolishes Hagey Hall

1) Have you heard? Harry Potter is coming to UWaterloo

Photo courtesy of UWaterloo Goose Watch.


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