A congressing we go…

It’s spring: the geese are patrolling campus, the coffee shops are keeping shorter hours, the excavators are busy, and UWaterloo English faculty and graduate students are heading for Congress, the annual meeting of many academic associations in Canada. Phil Miletic, president of the English graduate student association (SAGE), will be presenting a paper titled: “‘And now everybody will do theirs’: Remediating Everybody’s Autobiography as a Radio Event.”Kate Lawson, the chair of our department–and recent winner of an OCUFA award–will be presenting on Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley, as well as participating in a Grad Caucus Panel, “Professionalization within/beyond Academia.” Keely Cronin–another member of the SAGE executive–will be presenting “Tweeting Barriers: Indigenous Narratives, Canada Reads, and Digital Debate.” Interested in “Designing Videogames for Knowledge Translation”? Recent PhD graduate Steve Wilcox is presenting on exactly that. For more participants and titles, from “Ploche, Uberscheme” to Cultural Geography and Game Studies, see our online list.

Photo credit: Eric Jardin


One response to “A congressing we go…

  1. Interesting-sounding papers! Hope they find their way into print.

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