National Literary Magazine on Waterloo Campus

TNQ 136 Front Cover
Did you know that there’s an award-winning literary magazine housed at St. Jerome’s University, at the University of Waterloo? And that English students sometimes intern there? And that you can submit your own writing? Find out more about
The New Quarterly, its recent award nominations, and its upcoming writing festival in this guest post by Alister Thomas. –JLH

The New Quarterly and Wild Writers Festival Cover All Things Literary

One of Canada’s most decorated literary magazines resides in Waterloo, and it’s been here for 35 years. The New Quarterly (TNQ) has won 10 gold and seven silver medals and had 29 honourable mentions in the 16 years that it has participated in the National Magazine Awards.

On May 2, 2016, TNQ added two more nominations. For fiction, it was Elisabeth Harvor’s “Ice Woman.” For poetry, it was Michael Prior’s “Murmuration; Fathom; Hibernal Country.” The winners will be announced on June 10 in Toronto.

Last year Tamas Dobozy won the gold medal in fiction for “Krasnagorsk-2,” which was published in TNQ’s war issue.

Later this year, The New Quarterly is launching a new book. Falling In Love with Poetry was edited by Kim Jernigan, UWaterloo alumna and former longtime TNQ editor who in 2014 received the National Magazine Awards’ highest individual award, the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Falling in Love with Poetry features lively and varied essays. “Twenty-seven Canadian poets speak about the poems that summoned them to poetry and influenced the kind of poet, and reader, they became,” says Jernigan in her introduction.

“This is a book for those already under the spell of poetry, but also for those who aren’t, because we are told again and again to put aside our anxiety about what a poem means, about its vocabulary of allusion and symbol and even its narrative thrust, and to experience it instead as sound and feeling, something that engages bodily and emotionally first and foremost and only laterally, if at all, as the communication of an idea.”

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Drawing on poets from across Canada, more than one-third of the contributors have roots in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. They include Chris Banks, Tristanne Connolly, Rae Crossman, Gary Draper, Lesley Elliott, Amanda Jernigan, Miriam Maust (a UWaterloo English alumna), Alison Pick, John Vardon, and David Waltner-Toews.

Then this fall, November 4 to 6, TNQ will host the fifth annual Wild Writers Literary Festival (WWF), Waterloo Region’s premier literary event. It will be a grand celebration called 35&5 — TNQ came into this world in 1981 and WWF arose in 2012. “35&5 will be a must-attend event,” says TNQ editor Pamela Mulloy.

The New Quarterly (, small but feisty, is the only literary magazine to be shortlisted in such diverse categories as Sports Writing, Arts & Entertainment, How-To and Best Single Issue. And yes, it is published four times a year.

For more information, contact:
TNQ editor Pamela Mulloy at; 519-884-8111 ext. 28290
TNQ managing editor Sophie Blom at


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