Study Contemporary Critical Theory

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What stuff are subjects made of?  What kind of layers of socially determined identity, what resources of individual agency go into the articulation of who we are? And how do such things show up in texts, especially those that deal with mobility, displacement, and cultural change – the new normal that we experience all around us?

In Winter 2016, Win Siemerling will introduce students to aspects of “Contemporary Critical Theory” (ENGL 470A) that are related to such questions. His course connects large-scale issues of postcolonial theory–such as nation, diaspora, and race–to critical terms that deal more directly with individuals—such as the subject, melancholy, practice, agency, and hope. In the background, you’ll be reading two great novels by Dionne Brand and Lawrence Hill to see how it all comes together (and perhaps relate it to other texts you’re working on)

ENGL 470A Contemporary Critical Theory
Winter 2016, Monday and Wednesday 4-5:30

Required Texts:
Dionne Brand, What We All Long For
Lawrence Hill, The Book of Negroes

Required theory texts will be available via the Course Website and Course Reserve.

Enrollment still possible: yes


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