Why use the Writing Centre? Our Guest Blogger Explains

By the time you read this, multiple edits and read-throughs will have been done. I just went over that first sentence several times before writing this one. Now I am hypersensitive to the idea that this post is not going to be perfect and it’s upsetting me.

I’m an English student and I work for the University of Waterloo’s Writing Centre. We help graduate and undergraduate students with:

  • organizing ideas
  • communicating thoughts with clarity
  • persuading their audience
  • incorporating research and citing sources

Here’s the deal: no one is too good for the Writing Centre. There’s always going to be something to improve – even J.K. Rowling forgot Sir Nicholas “Nearly Headless Nick” de Mimsy-Porpington’s age in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and she’s as close to perfection as they come… I would argue.

Just like students from any other faculty, gaggles of UWaterloo English students use our services to help improve their papers. Think of us as a second and non-biased opinion. We can look over your writing and tell you what doesn’t work, why it doesn’t work, and what might be the best way to make it work.

This is what you should do: when you’re feeling overwhelmed with assignments number 3, 4, and 6, come to our drop-ins located at the Dana Porter and the Davis Centre libraries. These 20-30 minute consultations are intended to tackle one or two focused issues. Another option is to sign up for a 50-minute appointment with one of our Writing Specialists at South Campus Hall. See our website for times and more information.

Oh and hey! While you’re at it, check out the Writing Centre blog that I run with my fellow co-op student.

See you at drop-ins,
Brandon Petryna, Peer Tutor
UW Writing Centre


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