Hagey Hall: A Portrait of Construction

HH 5October photo three
You might not be aware that a large addition to Hagey Hall is currently under construction. We in Hagey Hall are all too aware of the matter. We regularly receive emails with messages intended to offer relief, such as  “The concrete removal that occurred last week is now complete.” But then there is the promise and failure of the next line: “It is expected that two metal posts, related to installation and support of the roof deck, will be inserted on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. This will require drilling for brief periods of time (ideally, not more than two hours).” Two hours of drilling is never brief. Of course, we will have a new light-filled atrium when it is done, and I look forward to the day when this happens. There are people I suspect look forward to it more than me, however; namely, my colleagues whose windows are on the other side of those boards.
That is our new department chair, Dr. Kate Lawson at work in her office (anecdotally, until last week Kate also had a sheet of plywood for a door–it was very cottagey). I feel like all colleagues on that side should receive a ration of vitamin D from Waterloo this winter.


One response to “Hagey Hall: A Portrait of Construction

  1. It must be de-moralizing…

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