Have you heard? Harry Potter is coming to UWaterloo

Pay attention Muggles! English 108P, titled Popular Potter, is scheduled for Spring 2016, to be taught by Dr. Neil Randall. All seven of Rowling’s novels are included on the syllabus. Students might explore the novels within several possible theoretical frameworks, including (among other possibilities) fandom studies, adaptation studies, popular culture theory, genre theory, as well as examining literary intertexts. (I keep pointing out Marxist readings to my students–free the house elves!) And if you just can’t wait until spring, you might check out UWaterloo’s Quidditch team, the subject of my very first Words in Place blog post.


8 responses to “Have you heard? Harry Potter is coming to UWaterloo

  1. Is this only open for UW students or…

  2. Mom and Dad must be proud that their money is going to Harry Potter class. Put that one on the resumé, kids.

    • I’m pretty sure some 14thC commentators might have said the same thing about children studying the Canterbury Tales. And 16thC playwright Robert Greene definitely thought Shakespeare was not worthy of study. Setting aside how we determine literary merit, let’s not forget that the study of literature is so much more than whether one thinks a text is good or not–good being its own kind of cultural construction. As the theoretical frameworks cited above suggest, Dr. Randall’s course promises rich avenues of investigation that encourage us to consider the place of literature in our world.

  3. Do we know if this would be offered as a 200 year level course? Or 300?

    • English 108P is the only course offered on Harry Potter. However, there is a course in children’s literature, English 208C. The texts change from year to year.

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