A Labour Day Scavenger Hunt

scavengerhuntWhat do new graduate students in English need to know to survive life at UWaterloo? Find out, by reading this scavenger hunt for graduate students, created by Prof. Aimée Morrison, our graduate chair. Bonus points from Words in Place if you can answer number four–relevant for ALL UWaterloo people.

New Graduate Student Website Scavenger Hunt:

Pretty much anything you need to know about succeeding in your degree is somewhere on a website—either on Facebook, or the department web site, or the Faculty of Grad Studies Office sites, or the University site more generally.

This scavenger hunt invites you to get used to answering your own questions by digging through or searching across the vast tracts of information available to you.

Points allotted for finding the right answer – and showing your work. Note the information as well as the links!

Good luck!

  1. What is SAGE?
  1. What position on SAGE could you hold this year?
  1. If you don’t have a Facebook account, can you still be notified of SAGE news and events?
  1. How many Tim Hortons outlets are there on campus, and which ones are open at 8pm?
  1. If you need a short-term loan to pay bills, rent, or buy groceries, what form should you fill out to receive that loan from the university?
  1. Which University service can help you with things like procrastination, time management, lowering stress levels and general mental health support?
  1. PhD students: If your supervisor tells you you need a “B-list” for your Area exams, where can you find out what that means?
  1. MA Coop students: What is a work term report, and how will it be graded?
  1. Does the English Department keep a blog?
  1. Where can you find the T4/T4A statements, as well as other information about your pay as an employee?
  1. Where can you find more detailed information about your expected scholarships?
  1. Where can you find information about your grades?
  1. If you are an international student and need financial support, where should you look?
  1. Where can you find out about immigration questions, as well as visa and study permit, for international students?
  1. What courses are offered in Spring 2016?
  1. PhD students: Where are the requirements of the PhD listed? What are the requirements, for courses, and exams, and assorted milestones?
  1. Where can you find information about applying for external scholarships like SSHRC and OGS?
  1. Does the department share any teaching resources that you can check out?
  1. Where can you search for a book that is not available through TRELLIS?
  1. MA students: If you pursue a thesis-based MA, how many courses do you need to take?
  1. PhD students: when do you need to have a supervisor selected?
  1. When is the Fall 2015 term exam period?
  1. What are some postdoc or study abroad opportunities for English grad students?
  1. Answer the following student query by reference to department policy: “Is it okay if I have to miss two weeks of class because I am going to my sister’s wedding?”
  1. MA students: How many courses will you be teaching this year?

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