What is an Escape Room?

Don’t miss Emma Vossen‘s talk at the Games Institute (East Campus 1, University of Waterloo) this Thursday, July 30th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm! Emma is a PhD candidate in the Department of English.

Her presentation, titled “’What’s the most immersive thing you’ve ever done?’: The Escape Room Genre and Physical Game Play Experiences,” is part of the Games Institute’s “Brown Bag Seminars.” Here’s a snippet from her abstract:

“What is an escape room? Is it larping? Is it role playing? Is it a haunted house with puzzles? Is it a game? In this talk I will look at the escape room as a genre and compare it to everything from puzzle room video games to haunted houses, extreme horror experiences and murder mystery dinners.”

The Games Institute is headed by Neil Randall, Department of English.

For more information and further details, please see the event page: https://uwaterloo.ca/games-institute/events/gi-brown-bag-serieswhats-most-immersive-thing-youve-ever


2 responses to “What is an Escape Room?

  1. Hi, I’m about to graduate from UW English RPW program and I want to attend this event but won’t be able to make it. Is it possible to upload the presentation afterwards?


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