Free Books

If you live in certain parts of North America, you’ve probably seen the Little Libraries popping up in front yards. Originating in Wisconsin in 2009, they are now a global phenomena. I pass several on my commute every day; someone has even mapped Waterloo’s, though more have appeared since. After a while, you start to figure out which one is more likely to have children’s books, which is chock full of romances, and which street has been working its way through past Giller Prize nominees. Well, now the English Department has joined the pack with its own (admittedly less charming) shelf of free books, pictured below:

IMG_4099[1]Unlike the Little Libraries, you aren’t expected to replace the book you take–we don’t have an honour system! (Well, still no plagiarism.) Feel free to drop books off or scan the shelves and load up. Unless you are that man who keeps coming to my office and asking for books to sell online. Also, there’s a great NPR piece about Little Libraries, if you are interested.


2 responses to “Free Books

  1. We need to roof that bookshelf and add some whimsy!

    • Considering famous houses in literature we could model it after: Thornfield (Jane Eyre) probably wouldn’t get by Health and Safety; Poe’s House of Usher would just invite vandals.

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