A Resource for Black Canadian Literature-thanks to Dr. Win Siemerling!

When I first got my hands on The Black Atlantic Reconsidered, by UWaterloo English’s Dr. Win Siemerling, I *may* have squealed a bit with excitement. I got to do it again last week when I discovered there was a website attached to the book which features resources for the study of Black Canadian literature.
Which is where I saw this amazing review of the book, from preeminent scholar of African American Literature, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.:

Winfried Siemerling’s The Black Atlantic Reconsidered is the book that students of the black literary experience in the New World have been waiting for, without fully appreciating it was missing, for generations. Not only does it open our eyes to the monumental importance of black Canadian writing, from enslavement in New France to North Star escapes to the explosion in diasporic expressions from the 1960s to today; it forces us to expand our understanding of the boundaries of the African journey in the New World upward, to where they belong and always have been. Siemerling’s scholarship on Canada’s place in the wider black Atlantic should be read and taught for many years to come.” Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Alphonse Fletcher University Professor, Harvard University

There, now you don’t just have to take my word for it! And if you missed the embedded website link above, here it is again.


2 responses to “A Resource for Black Canadian Literature-thanks to Dr. Win Siemerling!

  1. thomashenryhigginson

    Bound to become a classic text

  2. Lets embrace Literature

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