UWaterloo English goes to Congress

Once again, it is the time of year when many Canadian social science and humanities academic organizations hold their annual event known as Congress. It’s a bit like a trade fair for academics, all under one roof. This year, Congress will be in the nation’s capital, and the roof will be the University of Ottawa. And UWaterloo English faculty, graduate students, and alumni will be represented at a variety of association meetings!

Notably, PhD alumni Jason Haslam is president of ACCUTE, the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English. At ACCUTE PhD candidate Phil Miletic will be presenting on “American New Sincerity and (Virtual) Community: Disembodiment and Community in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest,” while PhD candidate Doug Sikkema will speak to “The Edge of Words: Religious Language, Evolution and Marilynne Robinson.” English faculty Winfried Siemerling, Sara Humphreys (St. Jerome’s), and Shelley Hulan will also be contributing with papers on subjects such as “Critical Black Canadian Memory Culture” and “Queer Edens.” More UWaterloo English people will be spread out across other associations. For a more extensive list, see here.

Oh, as for the picture above? Whatever university is hosting always posts its glossiest outdoor summery photos to make the campus look enticing. But the reality is we’re often in windowless rooms just like the one above, and often with less comfortable seats and more bog-standard overhead lighting.


One response to “UWaterloo English goes to Congress

  1. thomashenryhigginson

    It would be great if these papers were available online.

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