Best Signage on UWaterloo Campus

It’s the time of year when this familiar sign appears on the door outside of my office. In honour of the “No Dancing” policy in English, Women’s Studies, and History, I’m sharing some of the other more perplexing or unusual signs I’ve seen on campus.
IMG_2616[1]Is it a unisex bathroom every day, but only a shower in emergencies? Really, I want to know.

It’s as if they couldn’t decide between using the Oxford comma or not, and so just disposed of the commas altogether. Also, I have no idea what constitutes an authentic hot dog.

IMG_2643[1]In case you can’t read it, it says “Elevator to Student Success.” I know it’s not an actual marketing campaign circa 1965, but that doesn’t stop it from feeling like one.IMG_2644[1]Here’s where knowing that compound adjectives should be hyphenated might have been useful. Every time I see this sign, I think, “wow, yet another person who really doesn’t like those Vibram FiveFinger toe shoes.”  IMG_2645[1]Foy·er ˈfoiər,ˈfoiˌā/ noun. Definition: an entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public, especially a hotel or theater. Welcome welcome to the entrance entrance.IMG_2646[1]I’ll admit, I don’t speak German, but something tells me the message here is important enough it should be in a language more common among the UWaterloo undergraduate population.IMG_2639[1]I have yet to see anyone curled up underneath this table. Of course, exams aren’t over yet.

Any I’ve missed? You can always share your favorites in the comments section.


2 responses to “Best Signage on UWaterloo Campus

  1. I like the entryways with double doors, where each door is labeled “use other door.” Because, what?

  2. The ‘no dancing’ sign does have a logical purpose. At this time of year the Humanities Theatre is overtaken by dance competitions. The participants are very competitive and will try to practice their routines anywhere they can.

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