Reporting on our 2015 Awards Ceremony–with photos!

We were fortunate to hand out a record number of awards at today’s UWaterloo English award ceremony. Graduate students and undergraduates were feted with food, drink, and professors celebrating their outstanding work. We even had Alumnus David Nimmo on hand, to share in the awarding of the first awards in the name of his late wife, Lea Vogel-Nimmo. What you can’t see from the above photo is that it was standing room only back where I was. So if you only see a few familiar faculty, it’s probably because the rest of us were hovering around the coffee when the seats filled up. Scroll down for more photos and to find out who won what. And thank you to Dr. Hadfield for organizing!


Albert Shaw Poetry Prize
Sarasvathi Kannan

English Society Creative Writing Award for Poetry
Matthew Sleiman

English Society Creative Writing Award for Prose

Eleanor Howell (pictured above, reading from her work)

Hibbard Prize
Lindsay Kroes

Canadian Literature Prize
Quinn Silbermann

Award in American Literature and Culture
Alexandra Siebert

Andrew James Dugan Prize in Literature
Cassie Lachance

Andrew James Dugan Prize in Rhetoric and Professional Writing
Andrew Myles (winner)
Jason Roberts (runner-up)

The History and Theory of Rhetoric
Sophie Pelka (winner)
Caroline Manson (runner-up)

The Rhetoric and Professional Writing
Sarasvathi Kannan

IMG_2670[1]The Rhetoric and Digital Design Award
Jeffrey Macarandang and Winona So (winners) (pictured above with Dr. McMurray)
Lucy Barnett and Andrew Myles (runner-up)

Co-op Work Report:
Thomas Mantynen

English 251 award
Andrew Clubine, Claire Matlock (tie)

IMG_2701[1]Quarry Communications Co-op Award
Rebecca Lee (pictured above, with Dr. Hadfield)

Grade average awards
Spring Second Year – Julie Funk
Fall Second Year – Lori Potts
Spring/Fall Third Year – Sonal Patel
Spring/Fall Fourth Year – Lindsay Kroes


Graduate Creative Writing Awards
Poetry: Morteza Dehghani

Graduate Co-op Work Report Award
Cayley MacArthur

Graduate Professional Writing Award
Salman Jivani

Beltz Essay Prizes
M.A.: Farrah Nakhaie, Meredith Fischer (tie)

TA Award for Excellence in Teaching
Jessica Van de Kemp

Independent Graduate Instructor Award for Excellence in Teaching
Christine Horton

Grade average awards
MA: Shawn DeSouza-Coelho
PhD: Masa Torbica

IMG_2710[1]Lea Vogel-Nimmo Graduate Professionalization Scholarship
Virginia Shay (pictured above with Dr. Nimmo and Dr. Morrison)

W.K. Thomas Graduate Scholarship:
Kyle Gerber
Elise Vist
Kyle Malashewski


One response to “Reporting on our 2015 Awards Ceremony–with photos!

  1. There is no surer sign of the intellectual and creative vitality of our department than our awards ceremony, where we get to celebrate the achievements and the promise of our remarkable students. This year’s group was inspiring.

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