A bonus: a Daphne Marlatt reading!

When I was doing undergraduate studies, Daphne Marlatt was required reading in both English and Women’s Studies–she was already an icon of Canadian literature then, and the following years have only brought more awards and accolades. This makes it all the more amazing that she is a surprise addition to the St. Jerome’s reading  on Thursday, March 26th, 7pm, St. Jerome’s 3014, on UWaterloo Campus. Read on to learn more about Marlatt and her work.

Daphne Marlatt was born in Australia and immigrated to Vancouver as a child. She studied English and writing at UBC (BA 1964), where she was a member of the TISH group of young writers. She is known best as a poet (Steveston, Touch to my Tongue) but has also published works of fiction (Ana Historic, Taken), poetics (Readings from the Labyrinth, At the River’s Mouth) and oral history. She has worked extensively as an editor, writer-in-residence, and teacher. In 2006 she was appointed to the Order of Canada, and in 2009 was awarded the Dorothy Livesay Prize for Poetry for The Given. In 2012 she received the George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award. Her recent work includes The Gull, the first Canadian play staged in the tradition of the Noh theatre, awarded the Uchimura Naoya Prize in 2008. Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now revises a 1969-70 series and adds a 2012 series of poems about her home city. Wilfrid Laurier University Press recently released her selected poetry, Rivering, edited by Susan Knutson.

This reading is made possible by the St Jerome’s English Department and WLU Press.


2 responses to “A bonus: a Daphne Marlatt reading!

  1. Gord Higginson

    This is momentous. What a treat for her many readers! I’m fortunate to have a first edition of her first book Frames of a Story (1968).

  2. Gord Higginson

    Plaudits for Prof.s Austen and Connolly, and WLU Press for bringing Daphne Marlatt to campus. It was a thought-provoking evening.

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