How to Teach Graphic Narratives

Jillian Tamaki

Workshop: Teaching Graphic Narratives
Presenters: Dr. Andrew Deman and Dr. Bruce Dadey, Department of English Language and Literature
Date: Friday, March 27, 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Location: HH 1106

Graphic narratives are being used not only in courses focusing on the comics medium, but in a variety of other courses, including classes in literature, history, politics, cultural studies, biography, and even philosophy and mathematics.

But instructors who want to use graphic narratives may be intimidated by the complexities of the medium, and students unfamiliar with analyzing graphic narratives may not know how to discuss or write about them.

We have two goals in this workshop:

  • To introduce instructors to a set of concepts and terms that will allow them to teach graphic narratives and give their students tools to better understand and appreciate the medium.
  • To walk through the basic principles of the comics language and the multimodal relationship between text and image as it emerges in the unique format of comics.

At the end of the workshop, instructors will better understand how graphic narratives work and how they might use them in their classes.

Image: Jillian Tamaki


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