Three Excellent Reasons to visit the Critical Media Lab Tonight

Jessica Thompson

Please join us this Wednesday March 11th for 3 events at the Critical Media Lab in the Dept. of English Digital Space at 44 Gaukel St., Kitchener.

At 4pm, Prof. Jessica Thompson (Fine Arts) will speak about digital audio media and will then lead an “Urban Sound Walk” through the streets of downtown Kitchener. The workshop will be followed by “Yoga for Plugging In (to the body),” offered by English PhD Candidate, Danielle Stock. Please see the description below, and reserve your spot for free by following the link. Finally, at 7:30pm, CML presents its first film night curated by PhD student Judy Ehrentraut. The film is a surprise but will be linked to themes of posthumanism and/ or cyborgs and digital consciousness.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 11, 4:00-6:00pm (audio workshop), 6:00-7:00pm (yoga), 7:30-9:30pm (film)

WHERE: Critical Media Lab, in the Dept. of English Digital Space at 44 Gaukel St., Kitchener


Jessica Thompson is an Assistant Professor in Hybrid Practice at the University of Waterloo in both the Department of Fine Art and the Stratford Campus. Her practice investigates spatial and social conditions within urban environments through interactive art-works situated at the intersection of sound, performance and mobile technologies. She holds a BFA in Visual Art from York University and MFA in Media Study from SUNY at Buffalo. Before coming to Waterloo, Thompson was Part-time Faculty in the Department of Visual Art at Brock University and an Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Media Study at SUNY at Buffalo. Her current research investigates the ways that sound reveals spatial and social conditions within cities and how these conditions may be articulated through networked performance. She is particularly interested in the ways that mobile technologies both situate and displace the body, complicating our relationship to place, territory and community in both physical and virtual spaces.

Yoga for Plugging In (to the Body) This vinyasa flow yoga class is designed to help newcomers to yoga and seasoned practitioners, alike, to connect to their bodies in ways that encourage daily mindfulness of posture, alignment, and mental clarity. This class will be taught at Critical Media Lab, a space for technological design, critique, and discovery. Honouring this setting, the class will explore our relationship to technology by asking us to disconnect and pay attention. How might our physical and mental imbalances be connected to the digital devices we rely on? Through a range of moderate to challenging asanas (poses), we will flow, with awareness of the breath, through these spaces, building strength, awareness, and balance in the process. Reserve your weekly spot here:


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