Devils and Bears: A Reading

On Wednesday, March 4 at 7pm Words Worth Books, Waterloo’s independent bookstore, is hosting a free reading, Q&A, and autograph session featuring authors Elisabeth de Mariaffi and Claire Cameron. We’re all invited! They write:

There’s not much we like more than a truly fine thriller, and Elisabeth de Mariaffi’s second novel, The Devil You Know, following the Giller-longlisted How to Get Along with Women, works on every level.

Evie is a young reporter for an Ontario paper in the early 90s. She is covering a developing story involving a series of missing girls and a possible serial rapist. Resourceful and mercurial, Evie is uncomfortably aware of her unique personal and professional connection to the story; she is haunted still by the unsolved murder of Lianne, her best friend from childhood.

The Devil You Know is atmospheric, very smart, and there’s much more going on here than most thrillers allow for.

Claire Cameron first came on the scene with her spare and harrowing novel, The Line Painter. Her new book, The Bear, has garnered international acclaim with reviews in The Globe & Mail, The National Post, Independent (UK), Chatelaine, and O Magazine.

Told in the voice of five-year-old Anna who, with her little brother, fights to survive in the Algonquin wilderness after their parents are killed in a savage bear attack. Sure of hand and large of heart, Cameron has crafted a gripping and mesmerizing exploration of the Anna’s psyche as she struggles to protect her brother while at the same time protecting herself from fully realizing the horror of her situation.

Clear, propulsive, and poignant, The Bear is worthy of the attention it has received.


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