Hear about Hackerlab Sites

CMLPlease join us for our first Critical Media Lab Salon at the Department of English Language and Literature’s new English@Gaukel space (44 Gaukel, downtown Kitchener). The salon will feature a lecture and discussion with Prof. Jeremy Hunsinger (WLU), on Tuesday Nov. 4, 4pm.  All are welcome.

“Pragmatic politics of dis/engagement in Hacklabs and Hackerspace websites”   Prof. Jeremy Hunsinger, Wilfrid Laurier University

This paper presents and analysis of the discourses of knowledge production and critical technical practices generated from 50+ hacklab and hackerspace public websites.  As part of a research project on hackerspaces begun in 2009, these public websites were archived, analyzed, and coded as a corpus in relation to questions of production and distribution of knowledge, expertise, and innovation, with an eye to understanding any ideological or theoretical perspective the websites might entail. By specifically analyzing these texts and signs in light of actions and context, this paper shows that the websites represent communities that produce and disseminate knowledge communally, contrary to individualistic or socialistic models of hackers.


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