New Issue of The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

TTC in wheelchairWhat TTC looks like in a wheelchair.

Another new Issue of The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies , housed at the University of Waterloo, and edited by English professor Jay Dolmage, is now live.

Please read, download, share widely, and respond!

The CJDS is an Open Access, accessible journal.  We have now reached 20,897 readers.

Vol 3, No 3 (September 2014) Features:

Living and Working Precariously with an Episodic Disability: Barriers in the Canadian Context
Andrea Vick

“Swept to the sidelines and forgotten”: Cultural Exclusion, Blind Persons’ Participation, and International Film Festivals
Isabel Pedersen and Kristen Aspevig

Disability and Social Work Education in the United Kingdom
MacDonald Judy, Irene Carter, Roy Hanes, Suzanne McMurphy, and Stephanie Skinner

Access to traumatic spinal cord injury care in Saskatchewan, Canada: A qualitative study on community healthcare provider perspectives
Katherine Knox, Noelle Rohatinsky, Marla Rogers,         Donna Goodridge, and Gary Linassi

Resisting Disability, Claiming HIV: Introducing the Ability Contract and Conceptualizations of Liberal Citizenship
Ally Day

Review of Facing Eugenics by Erika Dyck
Jen Rinaldi

Review of Becoming Women by Carla Rice
Kaley Roosen

Review of Disability Incarcerated
Bonnie Burstow

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