Is Setting the Bar Lower for Girls Funny?

TargetWaterloo English professor Aimée Morrison tweeted the above photo, taken by another faculty member, Christine Logel, at a local Target. You know, just the kind of eye-rolling thing you see from time to time and feel compelled to share on social media. But then the internet weighed in, followed by the media: local, national, and international.

If you recall, it was a letter which went viral that caused Lands’ End to announce this year they would now also produce science t-shirts for girls. As of yet, there’s no sign of Target shifting gears. Amusingly, some online trolls seem to think the university will view Morrison’s tweet and follow-up commentary negatively (I’m not even linking–they don’t deserve it). Clearly, they are unaware of the degree to which the University of Waterloo is invested in the recruitment, representation, and success of women in STEM disciplines, which women have been traditionally discouraged from entering.

infant_bodysuit The fun part is the discourse analysis Morrison has brought to the discussion of infant onesies. If you are looking for more fun ways our female faculty and graduate students in English are mixing it up in the digital world, you might check out the GI Janes, dedicated to raising the profile of women in gaming.



One response to “Is Setting the Bar Lower for Girls Funny?

  1. I really hope they actually take this seriously, along with the other pieces of clothing that people have been tweeting to Aimée Morrison.

    The worst part is that the people that are okay with the shirts use personal attacks/insults to reply, rather than semi-rational arguments. :/

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