Waterloo Arts Alumni Party: find out whatever happened to…

1977 poetry reading
English Department Poetry Reading, 1977

Do you want to know what happened to that cute whip-smart funny student from your Canadian Lit class? Or that person who always shambled in late reeking of smoke but knew every classical allusion Shakespeare ever made? Or maybe that one in the back of all your rhetoric classes who seemingly slept through everything and then surprised you by graduating? What about that intriguing professor you still tell stories about? Well, if you don’t have plans for September 27th, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, you might consider attending the annual Arts Alumni Reunion and barbeque. The much beloved emeritus professor of English Dr. Warren Ober will be in attendance, as will others. More information is available here.

Also, if you are feeling nostalgic, or wondering what UWaterloo English was like in the days of yore, you might visit the website celebrating the department’s 5oth Anniversary in 2010.



2 responses to “Waterloo Arts Alumni Party: find out whatever happened to…

  1. That’s Roman Dubinski, one of my favourite “profs” in the beard and dark-rimmed glasses holding a drink in his hand. I studied three separate courses with him…let’s see…Eng 251, Eng 350, Eng 330. They were the course designations for Literary Criticism, Seventeenth-century non-dramatic literature and Sixteenth century non-dramatic literature I think. It has been more than 38 years after all.

  2. Pete, if you check out the photos on the 50th anniversary site, you will see that there are a number of Roman, who still had the office next to me when I started here in 1992. You will also see a number of alumni profiles on the 50th site, and also now on our main website here: https://uwaterloo.ca/english/alumni-friends/alumni-profiles
    If you or any other alum are not yet profiled, we would love to hear about what you have been up to. Please email me at englishchair [at] uwaterloo.ca if I can help!

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