2014-2015 St. Jerome’s Reading Series

Selvadurai-02-Kevin-KellyShyam Selvadurai

If you are new at UWaterloo, you may not know about the St. Jerome’s Reading Series, featuring Canadian authors. This year’s focus is on “writers who explore the relationship between self and world — socially, politically, culturally — and dynamically balance imagination and ‘real life.'” Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, all readings are free and open to the public. St. Jerome’s is one of the UWaterloo affiliates, and is located “across the pond,” as some say, at 290 Westmount Rd. N.
The line-up is impressive:
Karen Connelly
Thursday 25 September, 8pm, STJ 3014

Ayelet Tsabari
Thursday 30 October, 4:30pm, STJ 3027

Olive Senior
Thursday 20 November, 4:30 pm, STJ 3027

Shyam Selvadurai
Thursday 15 January, 8pm

Patrick Friesen
Thursday 22 January, 4:30pm

Kim Fu (to be confirmed)

For more see: http://canlitkicksass.blogspot.ca/

Photo Credit: Kevin Kelly


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