First Person Scholar is Hosting a Pseudo Game Jam!


First Person Scholar is an online Games Studies journal founded and staffed by UWaterloo English graduate students. Read on for their latest contribution!–JLH

It’s not located anywhere and you don’t have to program anything. FPS is looking for written descriptions of the processes and procedures that make up a game. They call them procedural poems. So, what makes it a jam? First of all there’s a prize. In addition to this prize, if we receive over 20 eligible submissions the winner will also receive a $100 Steam gift card. Second, there’s a time limit–one month.

The jam opens July 1st when we announce the theme – “Rethinking Conventions.” You’ll then be able to submit your ‘game’ (300 words max) through the site up until 11:59pm on July 31st. During that time we’re hoping to see all sorts of wonderful, creative, and subversive ‘games’ that challenge accepted definitions and practices.

To find out more and read an example of a procedural poem, check out the First Person Scholar event page!   Good luck!


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