Congratulating Emeritus Professor Ted McGee


The English Department’s own Dr. Ted McGee is the 2014 recipient of the University of Waterloo’s Distinguished Professor Emeritus award. Dr. McGee is a scholar of fifteenth-century English drama, with an expertise in Shakespeare. He has also served on the board of the Stratford Festival, and is on the advisory board of Internet Shakespeare Editions. Dr. McGee continues to teach and lecture at the University of Waterloo, for which we are very grateful. For more, see his faculty webpage.



3 responses to “Congratulating Emeritus Professor Ted McGee

  1. An honour entirely well deserved! I was lucky enough to take his Shakespeare courses as an undergrad, and when I started teaching, I found myself frequently thinking back on those courses as I tried to develop what kind of teaching I wanted to project.

  2. Congratulations Ted… gosh it does seem like a very long time ago that we both attended Dennis O’Connor–and later Vic took one of your courses. He found it a little awkward at first considering the two of you were in grade school together. We are both delighted by your achievements.

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