What is PhD candidate Steve Wilcox doing?

 Steve Wilcox

Have you met Steve Wilcox? He’s a PhD candidate in English, President of SAGE (Student Association for Graduates in English), and editor-in-chief of First Person Scholar, the online journal begun by graduate students in Waterloo English, dedicated to game studies (I did an earlier interview with him about the process of co-founding the journal).  Steve was also one of five winners in the nation-wide SSHRC’s Storytellers: Research for a Better Life competition in 2013.

While I can go months without seeing some graduate students, Steve is ubiquitous. Still, I had no idea what his dissertation project was until I saw his entry for the 3 Minute Thesis competition, titled “Language and Literature: the Future of the Future.” If you also weren’t aware, now you can also find out:


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