Waterloo English goes to Congress

Congress 2104 Brock
Congress 2014, Brock University

For the uninitiated, Congress is an annual Canadian conference where a variety of social science and humanities societies meet. It moves around Canada–it was in Waterloo two years ago–but it is always in spring. This year it is being held at Brock University and eighteen members of our department, graduate students and faculty alike, are scheduled to present at different association meetings, with even more in attendance.  The magnificent Waterloo English graduate secretary, Julie-Anne Desrochers, has pulled all of this information together in a single location.  As you can see, Waterloo English is represented across seven organizations total, everything from the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies, to the Canadian Association for Theatre Research, to the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing, and more.

There’s significant diversity in the papers as well, as evident by the contributions of some of Waterloo English’s Master’s students. For instance, Farrah Nakhaie is presenting on Canadian poetry (“Too Greek for me: Instability and reconstruction of rhetorical place in Wanting in Arabic“),  while Adrienne Raw investigates academic pedagogy (“Approaches to TA Training and their Impact on Students and Teachers”), and Kaitlyn Holbein considers a Georgian writer (“The reappraisal of the rhetorical ‘other’: An interpretation of select writings of Hester Thrale Piozzi”). Wishing everyone the best for Congress 2014–may your cords be adaptable and may your fellow panelists stay within the time limits!


One response to “Waterloo English goes to Congress

  1. Gord Higginson

    Impressive line-up of papers!

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