What will the Hagey Hall Addition Look Like?

Hagey Hall atrium1

Are you curious to know what the Hagey Hall addition will look like? The architects, Masri O Inc., have released three images. They promise the addition “will include a large gathering space, mezzanine walkways and two study or meeting rooms for students.”

Hagey Hall atrium2

In addition to losing the outdoor theatre, it appears that English may lose some windows; it’s also not clear what will happen to the iconic metal sculptures outside.

Hagey Hall atrium3

For more on Hagey Hall and a link to information on the study which led to the addition, check out our previous post.


5 responses to “What will the Hagey Hall Addition Look Like?

  1. It’s so sterile! These images don’t remind me of Arts at all. I hope they don’t make the rest of HH into another engineering building. More trees and less painful looking seating would help improve the space.

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