Undergrad English Tea Party, Feb. 27


Attention English (and affiliated) undergrads:

Last year, we started the tradition of Undergraduate English teas––opportunities for students to informally gather over snacks to talk about issue affecting them, shared interests, and goals. We would like to invite all English (and affiliated) undergrads to continue this tradition with a tea party Thursday February 27, 4:30-5:30 in the English Department Library (HH 232).

This is a student-only meeting. You set the agenda.

The English Tea Parties are open-forum gatherings for undergraduates taking courses or majoring in English. They are opportunity for students to network with each other, discuss strategies, career goals, share complaints and advice. Yummy snacks provided!

Non-majors welcome! Please drop by!

–         Date: February 27, 4:30-5:30
–      Location: English Department Library (HH 232)
–      Refreshments will be served

Questions? Email grad & faculty coordinator
Cayley MacArthur ‎csimacar@uwaterloo.ca
Prof Beth Coleman bcoleman@uwaterloo.ca


One response to “Undergrad English Tea Party, Feb. 27

  1. Too bad we can’t use real china teacups and saucers.

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